Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kaylee's Party Invite

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It's that time again!! Last year was a blast with the Pink Pirate party... we had a treasure hunt... water balloon and sword fight... I even made a pirate cake.. So this year I was trumped and didn't know what to do so we are going to LUAU!!! It should be fun.. I'll post some pic's soon.

I am de-stressing my life in a way... things are just going to slow down.. Yeah!!! That means maybe I can get a hang of this blogging stuff.. I guess we will see :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bath time


So our tub was broke a couple of months ago so one night I just threw the boys in the sink. They are way too big, but it got the job done.
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I love Lend and Learn, me and the boys go every week twice a week. Most of the time like... 98% of the time we go my boys play with puzzles the whole 2 hours, it's amazing. Everyone comments on how good they are... I just smirk and say if you only knew. This day however some other kids had paint out and it was the first time my boys ever painted, they had sooo much fun! And I didn't even have to do clean up... nice!
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Our Snowman!


I was so excited that we finally got some good packing snow. We hadn't been able to build a snowman because we never had the right kind of snow so me and the kids had fun this day!!! Kaylee was out of school for the day because of all the snow so we just played outside in it til the boys were done.
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Pumpkin carving


I never got a chance to post this, but this was our pumpkin the kids and I carved for Halloween.
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Goober kids


Maverick and Kaylee

Matthew and Maverick actually did this first but I got on to them and didn't get a picture. Later when Matthew was asleep Kaylee and Maverick snuck in the bathroom to do it again... crazy kids. They thought they were too funny!
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Sleepy boys


Matthew fell asleep on his chair after dinner and I found Maverick like this on our big basked both completely conked out... too cute!
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Leprachaun mischief

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone! This morning we woke up and what do you know??? Our milk was green and the eggs were green. Larry the leprachaun somehow got into our house and caused some mischief, the kids were amazed and Kaylee left a note for that leprachaun to STAY OUT OF OUR HOUSE!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Boot camp for three year olds anyone?

Anyone know of a boot camp for three year olds? My boys have been driving me crazy so my mom took them and Kaylee this weekend and I finally finished the boys room. I also had to clean it up because they completely destroyed it. Well... today they woke up at 5:00 and would not go back to sleep so of course I couldn't either. After I took Kaylee to school I put a movie in for them and read a magazine for a little bit, but they were way into the movie so I layed down and fell asleep for maybe 10 minutes. I woke up to them under my kitchen table with a bunch of medicine out from our cabinet. They pulled down the oven stepped on it, climbed on top of the stove and had to get on their tiptoes in order to even get anything out of our medicine cabinet. They ate all of the kids tums and a whole package of gum they had to sneak out of my purse. I called poison control and they said they would be fine.. Then they were sneaking candy when I was on the phone with poison control so I had enough. I put them in their room and locked the door so they could play in there for a bit. They were playing great, no fighting and someone bumped their head so I opened the door and what did I find...... Well Maverick took off his pull-up and rubbed poop everywhere stuffed animals, toy box, pillows you name it. They also tore down all the little stickers I put up this weekend on their wall, I was sooo mad! I worked hard on their room to make it look good and they ruined it all, I saved some of the stickers but the majority had to be tossed.

So lesson learned.... be grateful all of you who do not have twins!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Last night!

My calling right now is being a member of the activities committee and last night we had a meeting at the church. On our way after a little bit of shopping.... Kaylee decided to put a piece of plastic on her finger. It was a long orange tube that came off of a toy gun. Well, it got stuck and of course she was dramatic about it. When we got to the church first thing Matthew smashed his finger so now I had two wailing children. I left the boys in the gym with a friend and then took Kaylee to the bathroom and put soap on her finger yet it still wouldn't come off. I pulled and twisted, it did not budge.
Freaking out I went back into the gym and ask the girls there what I should do.. Fortunately there was a doctor there and he just pulled it right off, I guess he had the magic touch. Her finger was blue and purple and swolen, poor thing. Then I had to run out to my car and get band aids for Kaylee and Matthew. It was insane!

Monday, November 2, 2009

So this is what it takes to finally get a good picutre of my boys... lots of wiggling and moving in between and running away.

Maverick has the gray and red tie and Matthew has the blue tie...

The many faces of Tess and Care

Ok so my family... mom, dad and tess took me to see the Broadway show of Mary Poppins at the Fox theater. I had alot of fun... it was great! I loved the show they did some things differently then in the movie but I think all the performers did a great job. I loved it. On the way though me and Tess were bored so here is what we did.... Take a million different silly pictures... yeah it was fun.

Also across the from the Fox there was this giant Buddha Bunny, so I had to get a picture of everyone in it. It was kind of weird, but cool I guess. Then there are a couple of pictures of the inside of the Fox. I have been there before but it was still awesome.